5 October 2019 – 4 January 2020 Earthly Elements
Pat Alexander, Wendy Briggs Powell en Anna Bludau-Hary

Rocks are the building blocks of the cosmos. They are a crystallization of the natural world. They seem everything that we are not: enduring, solid, immovable. This is the space were Pat Alexander (US) wants to explore.

Wendy Briggs Powell (US) submerges large sheets of paper into dyed water. These “watermarks” are at once both simple and complex and reflect to her a lived emotional experience. Her work connects heart, head and hands while aiming to convey the subtleties and nuances of the human emotional condition.

The works of Anna Bludau-Hary (Germany) are mostly organic-looking objects are bizarre and yet beautiful and mysterious. They play poetically with inside and outside, with light and its shadow.


Loes Schepens’s studio is situated behind the gallery. Loes works with paper and graphic art. You can find her work in the gallery and on her website www.loesschepens.nl.

The age-old craft of manufacturing paper, with its large diversity of raw materials and techniques, is experiencing a revival. Workshops on how to make paper with vegetable fibres or according to eastern techniques are given on a irregular basis. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information.


In addition to the works of art in the gallery, special paper and cardboard objects are for sale in the shop, such as water-resistant bags, accessories, lamps and other interior objects.

We invite you to visit us whenever you are looking for an inspiring gift, or if you would like to have something personal made, for example a custom-made object, a unique work of art, or a guestbook for a special occasion.


Saturday 14 December 2019 Pulp painting Workshop

David Hockney and Ellsworth Kelly used already this technique: to paint with coloured pulp. We are going to make pulp from cotton in the so called ‘beater’. After this we colour the pulp with special developed pigments and we are going to ‘paint’ with it. You can draw very fine lines but you can also make ‘big’ movements. In one afternoon a short acquaintance with this technique. You make several ‘paintings’ which are pressed in the studio. You can take them immediately home between you own brought wooden planks and cloths or come back a few days later to pick them dry up at the studio.

date Saturday 14 December
time 14 – 17 hours (incl. tea/coffee and material)
costs € 75,-
max 4 persons

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