We are already celebrating the tenth edition of our exhibition series! What brings the current exhibition Floating Observations, with the H.E.R.B.S. paper project in collaboration with Studio Nienke Hoogvliet and concept brand FANT. There you can see the research result of one week of dyeing with Rosemary and Sage. We made many sheets of herbal paper, colored woolen scarves and collages of textile and paper. In the same exhibition Danièle Knirim shows her special new vintage collages. We celebrate the research and the arts!


At this moment there are no workshops (yet) planned.


In addition to the works of art in the gallery, special paper and cardboard objects are for sale in the shop, such as vegan bags, books about bookbinding, DIY objects, calendars, accessories, lamps and other interior objects. We invite you to visit us whenever you are looking for an inspiring gift, or if you would like to have something personal made, for example a custom-made object, a unique work of art, or a guestbook for a special occasion.


Loes Schepens’s studio is situated behind the gallery. Loes works with paper and graphic art. You can find her work in the gallery and on her website www.loesschepens.nl.

The age-old craft of manufacturing paper, with its large diversity of raw materials and techniques, is experiencing a revival. Workshops on how to make paper with vegetable fibres or according to eastern techniques are given on a irregular basis. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information.


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