Paper Art & Design is a gallery, shop and workshop for art and objects made out of paper. It is situated in what was formerly Vroom Modemagazijn established on Weimarstraat in 1936.

20 april – 6 juli Moved lines
Ina Fekken (installations) and Mathilde van Wijnen (wall sculptures)

Ina en Mathilde paperwork

Those two artists from Groningen (the North of the netherlands), has each her own background. Ina made, especially for this occasion, the installation “BARST” in the big windows of the gallery.The work is based on the problems of the gas extraction in her region. Also shown are “Bijou’s”, lasercut wall objects.

Mathilde’s work looks more introvert but it isn’t, because of the size of the works. Ze has a double life, as an artist and as musician. Her work is inspired by minimal music. You can see it’s rhythem by the colour and waves of the cut-out lines. Come and see by yourself her poetic works.


Loes Schepens’s studio is situated behind the gallery. Loes works with paper and graphic art. You can find her work in the gallery and on her website

The age-old craft of manufacturing paper, with its large diversity of raw materials and techniques, is experiencing a revival. Workshops on how to make paper with vegetable fibres or according to eastern techniques are given on a irregular basis. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information.


In addition to the works of art in the gallery, special paper and cardboard objects are for sale in the shop, such as water-resistant bags, accessories, lamps and other interior objects.

We invite you to visit us whenever you are looking for an inspiring gift, or if you would like to have something personal made, for example a custom-made object, a unique work of art, or a guestbook for a special occasion.


15-16 June weekend Open Ateliers Duinoord, Opening hours 12-18:00

From 19 july District project with Miriam L’Herminez
In the gallery there will be the project ‘Area-Neighbors-Connect’. We ask you to come by in the gallery to talk with the artist. Together you will make an artwork installation about the stories of this neighborhood and their people. Miriam made an installation like this before and this work is present at the summer exhibition from 12 juli to 28 september.

– Start project: 19 july 2019
– Every friday afternoon 12 – 17 hours the artist is present
– End result presentation 28 september
– Do you want to participate: mail

24 august Workshop with Vera van Wolferen
In the Workshop ‘Paper Facades’ we get inspiration by the architecture in the neighborhood of the Weimarstraat. During a short walk we collect all kinds of architecture mages like (bay) windows by taking pictures. We use these for the design of your own facade, you cut out acquarelpaper and glue a leporello out of this.

– saturday 24 august 14 – 17:00 hours
– costs 75,- (inclusive material/tea/coffee)
– maximum 8 participants
– participate through

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Open on thursday and friday 12-17 hours
First saturday of the month 12-17 hours
And by appointment