Gallery / store Paper Art & Design is located in the former Vroom Fashion Warehouse from 1936 and shows (international) art and design with paper as a starting point. This can be handmade paper, industrial paper or used paper.

Current exhibition
“Desire for the open, time dissapears” with Peter Gentenaar & Pat Torley

The artist is present 2 October
Peter Gentenaar is present on Saturday  2 October from 13-17 hours, at the last day of the exhibition.


Peter Gentenaar, Pat Torley

Saturday 4 September and 2 October
Peter Gentenaar will be present from 12-17 hours.


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Many new paper items from studio Roof, Octaevo, Snor, Vera van Wolferen and many other makers are back in. We also have small handmade works by artists for sale. Feel free to come and have a look if you are looking for an inspiring gift. Or if you want to have something personal made, for example a custom design, or a unique piece of art.


Loes Schepens’s studio is situated behind the gallery. Loes works with paper and graphic art. You can find her work in the gallery and on her website

The age-old craft of manufacturing paper, with its large diversity of raw materials and techniques, is experiencing a revival. Workshops on how to make paper with vegetable fibres or according to eastern techniques are given on a irregular basis. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information.


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Open on thursday and friday 12-17 hours
First saturday of the month 12-17 hours and by appointment
We respect the Corona measures