03 Paper Facets

02 02 2019 > 13 04 2019
Danièle Knirim, Loes Schepens, Toshihiro Hattori, Yuko Ebina

Illustrator-artist Danièle Knirim exhibits her collages, which she makes from paper and old books. In the series ‘Undressed’ people are depicted in layers of paper, which dress and undress. The action of dressing up is sometimes a struggle, sometimes sensual. Sometimes the ‘fight’ with the garment is depicted in such a way that the person almost seems to become one with the garment. In alternation with Danièle’s collages, new work by Loes Schepens is shown. Handmade wall objects, large and small, represent a completely different world, inspired by nature, containing both stillness and movement.

Yuko Ebina paints her watercolours in the traditional Japanese way, with a typical use of water. She started on canvas, but now also paints on paper. The subjects are based on atmospheres, moving water, minerals and small microscopic organisms. She is also inspired by the poet Kenji Miyazawa, a fairytale writer from her native town. With her husband Toshihiro Hattori she also spent a few years (2004-2007) in the Netherlands, where she was able to work on her career with various scholarships.

Toshihiro Hattori studied at the Tama art academy in Tokyo and won a ‘Grand prize’ from a contemporary art exhibition in Imadate. Through artist residences and various exhibitions in Europe and the Holland Paper Biennale, Hattori is now showing his recent objects at Paper art & Design.

When he was a student, Toshi was already fascinated by handmade Japanese washi paper. This paper is both soft and strong, both of which he uses to shape his works. The relatively simple objects originate from nature, according to him nature contains the essence of form. In the last 10 years he has also been making book objects and installations, and in the book ‘Germination of light’ he has incorporated seeds that sprout into the air. He also used Japanese paper, beeswax and copper wire.