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20 04 2019 > 06 07 2019
Ina Fekken, Mathilde van Wijnen

Ina Fekken makes work in paper, installations currently form the core of her oeuvre, her other work comes from or is created at the same time.

“BARST” stems from previous installations on the Groningen gas production problem. An inexhaustible theme in contrast to stock. Ina has a strong relationship with the historical Groninger churches, and made paper installations in various churches that explore the impact of the gas production problem.  “Ask Rik Zaal about the five places every Dutchman must have seen and he puts the medieval churches in the Groningen countryside in one place.  Evelien van Veen, de Volkskrant

But it is wider than the sober beauty of these churches, “BARST” = to break, snap, jump, open, tear, burst, collapse, break, break, split, all applicable to the processes that have to do with the gas extraction area and the people who live there.

Mathilde van Wijnen is a visual and musical artist. With cello and viola da gamba she interprets the work of others, her imagined interpretations of nature are entirely her own. There are many similarities between music and the art that Van Wijnen creates. The starting point is always the composition, the use of rhythm, in which the chosen sounds give the piece colour. The greatest analogy between her art for the ear and that for the eye is the reduction.

Arvo Pärt’s minimalist music fits well with Mathilde van Wijnen’s “drawings”. The repetitive character gives music and paper a poetic atmosphere.

Van Wijnen draws with a stanley knife. Her carefully placed cuts make the paper foldable, creating a multi-dimensional relief. Thanks to the light. Elements of the landscape such as reed, a sandy beach and (running) water find their way into paper transcriptions. But atmospheric manifestations such as shreds of fog and light reflections can also be converted into paper. If it remains white, it emphasizes the infinity for Mathilde van Wijnen, to surrender oneself as a viewer up close and to immerse oneself in it without limits.