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12 07 2019 > 24 08 2019
Vera van Wolferen, Miriam L’Herminez

Vera van Wolferen
Campers, cottages and flowers form architectural still lifes made of white paper. During her master in Animation, Vera van Wolferen (1988) was inspired by the imaginative worlds designed for animated films. With her detailed sculptures she creates a universe that invites you to dream away. At Gallery Paper Art & Design she shows a new wall sculpture and an installation in which she combines paper models in different scales to create a wonderful landscape. Her animated films can also be seen, including ‘How to Catch a Bird’ and sets that she made for her interactive project ‘Thought Hopper 3000’.

Miriam L’Herminez
In her work she is always looking for diversity. Inspired by a 15 year stay in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, where Miriam was touched by the confrontation with the difference in cultures, language and emotion. By illuminating a subject from all sides, she is always surprised by the differences within the theme. In this adventure she is not afraid to experiment with different materials and forms. At the end of this voyage of discovery, the art is always to connect these differences with each other and bring them together to form a unity.