06 Earthly Elements

05 10 2010 > 04 01 2020
Pat Alexander, Wendy Briggs Powell, Anna Bludau-Hary

Rocks are the building blocks of the cosmos. They are a crystallization of the natural world. They seem everything that we are not: enduring, solid, immovable. But they are born of extreme external pressures: explosions of molten magma, continental drift, wind and water erosion. As we venture beyond our rocky planet transformations and clashes will occur beyond our comprehension. This is the space were Pat Alexander (US) wants to explore.

Wendy Briggs Powell (US) submerges large sheets of paper into dyed water. These “watermarks” are at once both simple and complex and reflect to her a lived emotional experience. Her work evolved as a reaction against the sterile environment of the computer screen —one that connected heart, head and hands while aiming to convey the subtleties and nuances of the human emotional condition.

The works of Anna Bludau-Hary (Germany) are mostly organic-looking objects are bizarre and yet beautiful and mysterious. They play poetically with inside and outside, with light and its shadow. She mainly works on themes and uses the subtlety of paper as a material, its transparency and purity, as well as the superficial “transience” of her objects and installations, in order to provide food for thought with regard to social and societal relationships.