08 In Between

04 04 > 04 07 2020
Loes Schepens

Man finds itself in the midst of a rapid change in the natural environment. As humans, we know the rock-solid effect of nature on our bodies and minds. Being surrounded by nature gives us security, happiness, calmness and freedom. At the same time nature also reflects transience and change for us. Because of the changes that occur in nature, people get changing sensory experiences.

The (wall) sculptures that Schepens makes, using purely natural materials, convey these sensory experiences. They are not directly recognizable forms; they are amorphous, abstract, seemingly simple. The works can be traced back to natural environments, animals, plants and their structures. With these objects, Schepens wants to slow down the detachment that we experience with nature. They make us aware of references that we ourselves experience on a walk by the sea or in the woods.

The materials used by Schepens are an important part of the sensory experience. The tactility they radiate feeds the feeling that you want to touch the objects. At the same time, the labour-intensive creative process is also a first step towards awareness, deepening and appreciation.