15 Stil lives | Kosmos

28 January until 28 March 2022

Annelies Morris
After studying fashion design at the (now) Willem de Kooning academy, Annelies Morris has been working for years as an interior and photo stylist for magazines and commercial outlets. In addition to her styling work, she has started to make more and more free work. Based on black and white sketches, she makes collages of paper from her own collection, sometimes handmade with frayed edges. She also sketches with thread via embroidery with the sewing machine. It is precisely the imperfection, dangling threads, cut-offs, torn and transparent paper that gives the work character. In this exhibition still lifes, flowers and powerful (historical) women are depicted, who sometimes get a sad expression due to the many hanging threads from the eyes and thus tell their own story.

Loes Schepens
Two colors of pulp in motion during paper creation, a mist is created. Just as in the visible universe, from which light could reach the earth, and therefore perceptible to man. Is the matter on the earth, i.e. in our hands, the same matter as in the cosmos, are we not all made up of stardust? The recognizable fibers of (in this case) the organic flax plant give an indication and inspiration for this. The wall objects by Loes Schepens evoke the age-old question about our existence. These objects refer to nature and its manifestations, but are nevertheless abstract and self-contained.