18 Resonance | Connection

06 08 > 27 08 2022
Chiel Lubbers (NL), Sage Serrano (USA)

Chiel Lubbers, An inner-act, Celery, Chard
Resonance is a sensitivity to the movement of the entities and energies that build up our body. An inner-act attempts to reveal these intimate lifeforms by bringing the inner to the outer, to tap into resonance.
A composition of fragmented patterns translated from human muscle anatomy. Materials that hold protein fibres dissected from vegetables within their tissues. A discovery in the relation between food and muscles, both in terms of nutrition and energy, but also for the material likeness to fibers.
An inner-act seeks to find an essence of culture within nature by bringing equal position to non-human lifeforms that together make up a circular ecosystem in which we inner-act. The research is conceptualised in a garment resembling a second skin, acting as a mirror to human beholders.

Sage Serrano
Folding paper creates a crease that cannot be removed, similar to how a cut may leave a scar. The scar may fade but it will always mark the surface. Sage Serrano gravitates towards working with discarded, non-archival, found papers as well as handmade paper because she believes that paper remembers like the body. Serrano has been thinking about connections that are forced, found, or failed through drawing and paper folding experimentations that explore, line, the body, play, collecting, and daily observations. Her recent work has been investigating drawing as a meditative process that helps her recollect and reflect on personal experiences.