19 Before, in-between, behind

10 09 > 05 11 2022
Hans Lankes (GER)

Hans Lankes (Germany) cutouts go beyond the scope of the well-known papercuts in a radical, personal and contemporary way. His cutouts are often sculptural objects whose presentation has an inherent, intense, immediate quality. Facing these artworks and installations, you find yourself in the midst of a highly aesthetic field of tension. Free experimentation and meticulous accuracy alternate. There are opportunities for experience and interpretation. Lankes isn’t interested in assertions, he says, he wants to “open spaces and uncover perspectives”.

There is always before, in-between and behind.

The works are like bodies and objects that actually create colored lights and/or dark shadows. These artworks explore the space. Depending on the light irradiation, whether in daylight or artificial lighting, the works shine three-dimensional.

To date the art of Hans Lankes is collected in museums, art institutes and private collections in Germany, Austria, Japan, France, Monaco and the USA.

Regina Hoff