17 Testing Ground

Marieke van Mieghem and Loes Schepens work with natural materials and conduct endless experiments with them before creating the unique piece. This research leads to insight and further choices. For the last 2 years they have been working with flax and vegetable dyeing it with madder, indigo, chestnut, alder and walnut.

14 Flax | Paper

The unique fabrics, objects and artworks in this exhibition are made with infinite care for the material. Flax is on a new rise and a number of varieties have been cultivated on Dutch soil in recent years, including the linen project* in the eastern part of the country.
The Hague-based artist Steef Muller works primarily with used packaging paper for his work.

12 SPECIMENS | Forgotten Seeds

12 SPECIMENS | Forgotten Seeds 25 04 > 10 07 2021 Marlies Lageweg, Loes Schepens SPECIMENS For the ongoing project SPECIMENS, visual artist Marlies Lageweg focuses on Naturalis’ “economic plant and seed archive”, a library of materials from colonial history assembled by Dutch researchers and trading companies that helped open up the colonies. SPECIMENS reflects…

Zwevende Waarnemingen

10 Floating Observations

10 Floating Observations 17 10 20 > 05 01 21 H.E.R.B.S. Paper | Danièle Knirim H.E.R.B.S. Paper, a project by FANT, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet and Loes Schepens After a long research, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet discovered that herbs used as textile dye can have a positive effect on our health. But the dyeing process produces waste…

Ilse Pierard Gabi Rets

09 A Spark of Joy

09 A Spark of Joy 18 07 > 03 10 2020 Ilse Pierard | Gabi Rets How complex is the core of life, how complex its representation? In her artistic paper works llse Pierard focusses on the abstracted form of a cell, the basic and the smallest unit of life. Her intriguing and fragile paper works in their reduced…