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10 Floating Observations

17 10 20 > 05 01 21
H.E.R.B.S. Paper | Danièle Knirim

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H.E.R.B.S. Paper, a project by FANT, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet and Loes Schepens
After a long research, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet discovered that herbs used as textile dye can have a positive effect on our health. But the dyeing process produces waste – the residue of the herbs. To make the entire process circular, a collaboration was formed between the concept brand FANT, designer Nienke Hoogvliet and artist Loes Schepens. Together they explored how the herbs from their own garden, rosemary and sage, could be used to dye scarves, make paper and color paper. They created a wide color palette from yellow and green to pink for textiles, new structures in paper and special ways of incorporating as many residues from the processes as possible into new objects. Photographer Charlotte Visser captured the process in images.

Collages Danièle Knirim
The new works of Danièle Knirim focus on the highs and lows in life. The collages are about jumping towards the sky and the nasty feeling of a free fall to a dark place. From everyone’s own emotional perspective it is recognizable when the bottom has been reached, only to start longing for the heights again. In the larger works it is persons jumping and falling, represented from different points of view. In the smaller works the figures fall into abstract forms which translate the heights and the depths. The collages are made with paper from old books, Danièle collects them at book markets, antique dealers and thrift stores.


Ilse Pierard Gabi Rets

09 A Spark of Joy

09 A Spark of Joy 18 07 > 03 10 2020 Ilse Pierard | Gabi Rets How complex is the core of life, how complex its representation? In her artistic paper works llse Pierard focusses on the abstracted form of a cell, the basic and the smallest unit of life. Her intriguing and fragile paper works in their reduced…

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08 In Between

08 In Between 04 04 > 04 07 2020 Loes Schepens Man finds itself in the midst of a rapid change in the natural environment. As humans, we know the rock-solid effect of nature on our bodies and minds. Being surrounded by nature gives us security, happiness, calmness and freedom. At the same time nature…

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 07 Verbeelde Natuur

07 Imaginary nature in paper

07 Imaginary nature in paper 18 01 > 28 03 2020 Alice Bakker, Loes Schepens, Mark de Weijer As a sculptor Alice Bakker (nl) works with various materials such as steel, copper, silver and paper. She is inspired by movements in flowing water or the capricious network of mosses or tree branches and the fibre…

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05 Source Wonder World

In her work she is always looking for diversity. Inspired by a 15 year stay in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, where Miriam L’Herminez was touched by the confrontation with the difference in cultures, language and emotion.

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Ina en Mathilde paperwork

04 Moved Lines

Mathilde van Wijnen is a visual and musical artist. With cello and viola da gamba she interprets the work of others, her imagined interpretations of nature are entirely her own. There are many similarities between music and the art that Van Wijnen creates.

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03 Paper Facets

In alternation with Danièle’s collages, new work by Loes Schepens is shown. Handmade wall objects, large and small, represent a completely different world, inspired by nature, containing both stillness and movement.

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01 We are open

Lots of art and design products made of paper, such as the vegan waterproof bags by Claudia Santiago Areal, hand-bound photo and notebooks by bookbinder Corina de Vette (Prien/Rotterdam) and a special table by Cellutex.

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