Loes Schepens executes both consignments and her own designs using paper she has made herself from sustainable and vegetable fibres. She dies, prints, perforates, adds, knots, folds this paper into objects and graphic images. Fibres such as flax, cotton, hemp, kozo and asparagus peelings are the basis for paper and research. With nature as an unfailing source of inspiration and also personal stories, she creates two- and three-dimensional paper images and objects.

Loes learnt the craft from various paper makers, including the Belgian artist Jean Decoster, Peter Gentenaar from Rijswijk (NL) and master paper makers in Shikoku Island (Japan). She has travelled to Myanmar, Korea and Japan to study the original craft and to collect paper. She applies graphic techniques to the paper she has made herself; these techniques include printing, screen-processing, laser engraving (in small editions).